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Deckhand/ Naturalist / Lead Conservation Communicator

Deckhand/ Naturalist / Lead Conservation Communicator

Expiry Date: 
Sunday, February 25, 2018 - 8am
Job Type: 
Port Hardy and North Island
Telegraph Cove
Stubbs Island Whale Watching
Tourism/ Hospitality
General job description:
Stubbs Island Whale Watching and sister company, Discovery Marine Safaris are seeking highly motivated “ambassadors of the ocean” who are able to relay their rich knowledge of the marine environment to our passengers while guarding their safety and comfort. Outstanding communication skills and a deep commitment to sustainability are needed to ensure that the wildlife viewing has strong conservation and educational potential. This includes amplifying messaging through a variety of communications projects, including writing daily trip reports and contributing social media posts. Applicants must understand that there are also a considerable amount of manual and repetitive tasks involved in this position i.e. preparing, cleaning and maintaining the vessels.

This posting is for:
• Position #1: Two x Deckhand / Naturalist: One will be more often working from Campbell River and the other will more often work from Telegraph Cove.
• Position #2: One x Deckhand / Naturalist / Lead Conservation Coordinator: This position will be based out of Telegraph Cove and involves guiding and coordinating team members with regard to scheduling, enacting a communications plan, guarding the accuracy and quality of information provided by colleagues, coordinating data collection for science, and ensuring further team tasks are carried out optimally. Thereby, this position requires more education and/or experience with digital communications, BC’s marine life and more background in successfully liaising with colleagues.
The same applicant pool will be used for both positions.

Company background:
Established in 1980 as the first whale watching company in British Columbia, Stubbs Island Whale Watching has set the standard for ethical whale watching. Under new ownership since 2011, the company’s goals remain to provide guests with an experience that is highly enjoyable, as well as having high educational and conservation value. Stubbs Island Whale Watching is based in Telegraph Cove. Sister company, Discovery Marine Safaris was established in 2006 and is based in Campbell River.

It is a great privilege to be in areas that are frequented by members of the northern community of fish-eating Orca known as “Northern Residents”; mammal-eating Orca known as “Bigg’s Killer Whales” (aka “Transients”); Humpback Whales; Minke Whales; Pacific White-Sided Dolphins; Dall’s Porpoises and Harbour Porpoises, Steller Sea Lions, Pacific Harbour Seals and an absolute wealth of sea birds. The life below the surface is also awe-inspiring.

• Discovery Marine Safaris: Campbell River on central Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA.
• Stubbs Island Whale Watching: Telegraph Cove on Northern Vancouver Island, BC, CANADA.
More remote location and a 30-minute drive from Port McNeill, the nearest center for groceries, etc.

For both locations, group staff accommodation may be available
Qualifications & Experience: 
Successful candidates:
• Must be Canadian or have a Canadian work permit.
• Have a post-secondary background in Biology and/or Environmental Studies.
For Position #2, must have a Masters degree in Communications, Biology, and/or Environmental Education or equivalent experience.
• Must possess or be willing to achieve their Marine Emergency Duties (MED A2), Marine First Aid certification, and succeed in the Marine Education and Research Society’s Marine Naturalist Workshop.
• Are able to guard the safety and comfort of passengers and adhere to safe procedure.
• Accept cleaning and maintenance duties as being a mandatory part of the position.
• Possess an outstanding work and environmental ethic.
• Ensure recycling and other environmental practices are carried out to optimum.
• Are driven in their commitment to marine and environmental education.
• Have a broad knowledge of British Columbia’s marine life including sea birds and invertebrates.
• Have solid knowledge of the natural history of BC’s marine mammals and the threats they face and be very willing to undertake the studying and training needed to upgrade and remain current.
• Have excellent interpersonal/verbal communication skills with successful public speaking experience to groups of 50+.
• Have excellent written communication and computer skills for blogging and social media posting.
• Are very flexible, recognizing the need for work schedule amendment.
• Are able to work holidays, weekends and up to 12-hour shifts.
• Are able to work independently but are very receptive to supervision and feedback.
• For Position #2, must have experience with team building and coordinating a digital communications strategy.
• Are fun, enthusiastic, positive team players wanting to make a positive environmental difference!

Further assets:
• Knowledge of an additional language
• Previous boat experience
• Completion of the Marine Education and Research Society's Marine Naturalist Workshop
or equivalent
• Experience using Wordpress, Adobe Lightroom and Final Cut Pro
Salary: Starting wage is dependent on qualifications and experience. Begins at $15/hour.
Work term: Staggered start and end dates. Start date: Mid May to early July. End date: Late August to late September.
How to apply: 
Application format: Must include a cover letter specifically addressing position requirements and indicating period of availability. Resume to include 3 references (name, position and email address)
with a minimum of 2 being employment contacts.

Application deadline: Midnight February 25th, 2018.

Apply to: Jackie Hildering, Education and Conservation Advisor;
Selection procedure:
1. References of short-listed candidates contacted.
2. Short-listed candidates interviewed via telephone.
3. Final interviews will be held before March 10, 2018.
Only applicants considered for interviews will be contacted.
Contact would occur after February 26, 2018.

Only applicants considered for interviews will be contacted.
Contact would occur after February 26, 2018.